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Oil India Limited is a public sector undertaking (PSU) under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India. It is one of the largest oil and gas exploration and production companies in India. Oil India Limited (OIL) is involved in various upstream activities such as exploration, drilling, production, and transportation of crude oil and natural gas.

Recruitment at Oil India Limited refers to the process through which the company hires qualified and skilled individuals to fill various job positions within the organization. This recruitment process is conducted to ensure that the company has a capable workforce to meet its operational and business needs.

The recruitment process at Oil India Limited typically involves the following steps:

1. **Job Advertisement:** Oil India Limited advertises job openings through various mediums such as newspapers, the company's official website, job portals, and employment news. The advertisements include details about the job roles, qualifications required, experience, age limits, pay scale, and the application process.

2. **Application Submission:** Interested candidates who meet the eligibility criteria are required to submit their applications through the prescribed format mentioned in the job advertisement. Applications can be submitted online through the company's official website or offline through postal methods, as specified in the advertisement.

3. **Screening:** The submitted applications are screened by the recruitment team to shortlist candidates who meet the specified criteria. Shortlisted candidates are then invited to the next stage of the recruitment process.

4. **Selection Process:** The selection process for Oil India Limited recruitment may vary based on the job position. It can include stages such as written tests, skill tests, trade tests, group discussions, technical interviews, and personal interviews. The selection process is designed to assess candidates' technical knowledge, skills, aptitude, and suitability for the specific job role.

5. **Document Verification:** Candidates who successfully pass the selection process are required to undergo document verification. This is to ensure that the provided information, qualifications, and documents are accurate and genuine.

6. **Medical Examination:** Some positions at Oil India Limited might require candidates to undergo a medical examination to ascertain their medical fitness for the job role, especially for positions in fields such as oil exploration and production.

7. **Final Selection:** After completing all stages of the selection process, the final list of selected candidates is prepared based on their performance in various stages. These candidates are offered job offers and are officially inducted into the company.

8. **Training:** Newly recruited employees often undergo a training program to familiarize themselves with the company's policies, procedures, safety protocols, and job-specific tasks.

Vacancy Details: -

Oil India Limited:

1. **Geology - 12 Vacancies:**

   These positions likely involve geological exploration and analysis of the Earth's subsurface to identify potential oil and gas reservoirs. Geologists study rock formations, sedimentary layers, and other geological features to determine the feasibility of oil and gas extraction.

2. **Geology / Geophysics - 05 Vacancies:**

   These positions could involve a combination of geology and geophysics, where professionals analyze both the geological and geophysical aspects of the subsurface to locate oil and gas reserves.

3. **Geophysics - 12 Vacancies:**

   Geophysicists use various methods, such as seismic surveys and other geophysical techniques, to study the physical properties of the Earth's subsurface. This helps in identifying potential oil and gas reservoirs and understanding the geological structures.

4. **Reservoir - 05 Vacancies:**

   Reservoir engineers are responsible for optimizing the extraction of oil and gas from reservoirs. They analyze reservoir characteristics and develop strategies to maximize production while ensuring efficient reservoir management.

5. **Reservoir / Chemical - 01 Vacancy:**

   This position might involve a combination of reservoir engineering and chemical expertise. It could pertain to enhancing oil recovery processes through chemical treatments and understanding the interaction between reservoir fluids and chemicals.

6. **Chemical - 03 Vacancies:**

   Chemical engineers in the context of Oil India Limited might work on various aspects, including refining processes, chemical treatments, and environmental considerations related to the oil and gas industry.

7. **Drilling - 10 Vacancies:**

   Drilling engineers are involved in planning, designing, and supervising drilling operations to extract oil and gas from underground reservoirs. They ensure the safety and efficiency of drilling activities.

8. **Production - 06 Vacancies:**

   Production engineers focus on optimizing the extraction and production processes of oil and gas from reservoirs. They ensure that production operations run smoothly and efficiently.

9. **Mechanical - 01 Vacancy:**

   A mechanical engineer in Oil India Limited might be responsible for maintenance, design, and operation of mechanical systems and equipment used in oil and gas exploration, drilling, and production processes.


 Let's break down the eligibility requirement:

**Experience Requirement:**
Candidates are required to have a minimum of 30 years of experience in one or more of the following areas:

1. **Upstream Oil & Gas Industry:** This refers to the exploration, production, and operations related to the extraction of oil and gas resources. Candidates with extensive experience in upstream activities such as exploration, drilling, reservoir management, and production within the oil and gas sector are eligible.

2. **Academic Institutions:** Candidates who have served in academic institutions, such as universities or research centers, contributing to the field of oil and gas exploration, geology, geophysics, or related subjects for a cumulative period of 30 years are eligible. This experience could include teaching, research, mentoring, and academic leadership roles.

3. **Geological Survey of India:** The Geological Survey of India is a government agency responsible for geological mapping and mineral resource assessment. Candidates who have worked with the Geological Survey of India, contributing to geological research, surveys, and related activities for at least 30 years are eligible.

4. **Combination of All:** Candidates who have a combination of the aforementioned experiences, totaling at least 30 years, are also eligible. This means that individuals who have worked in multiple roles across the upstream oil and gas industry, academic institutions, and the Geological Survey of India can combine their experience to meet the eligibility requirement.

Restriction on Age:-

Here's an explanation of the age restrictions:

**Age Restrictions:**

1. **Maximum Age Limit:** Candidates applying for these positions must not be above 60 years of age as of the specified date, which is 30th September 2023. This means that the candidate's date of birth should be on or after 1st October 1963 to satisfy the maximum age limit requirement. The purpose of setting a maximum age limit is to ensure that candidates are within a certain age range that is suitable for the responsibilities and demands of the positions.

2. **Minimum Age Limit:** There is no explicitly mentioned minimum age limit in the information you provided. However, it's implied that candidates should have sufficient experience to meet the requirement of 30 years of experience, which could naturally place them in a certain age bracket.

3. **Maximum Age of 65:** It's also noted that the maximum age limit can be extended up to 65 years as of 30th September 2023. This implies that candidates who have reached the age of 60 but are below 65 on that specific date might still be eligible if they meet the other criteria.

The age restrictions are likely set based on various factors, including the physical demands of the positions, retirement policies, and the need for candidates with extensive experience and expertise. These age limits are intended to ensure that the candidates are suitable for the roles and can effectively contribute to the organization's goals and projects.

Salary Details:-
Here's a breakdown of the salary details based on the indicated levels and illustrative designations:

**Salary Details:**

**Level 1: Director and One Level Below Board (EDs):**
- Honorarium: Rs.10,000/- per day

**Level 2: Two Levels Below Board (CGMs/ GGMs/ Professor or equivalent):**
- Honorarium: Rs.9,000/- per day

**Level 3: Three Levels Below Board (GMs/ Associate Professors or equivalent):**
- Honorarium: Rs.9,000/- per day

**Level 4: Four Levels Below Board (DGMS/ Assistant Professor or equivalent):**
- Honorarium: Rs.8,000/- per day

These salary details indicate the daily honorarium rates for different levels of positions within the organization. The honorarium is the compensation provided to individuals for their services on a daily basis, rather than as a monthly salary. The honorarium rates vary based on the level of the position and the associated designations.

Email Address to Send Application:-
Here's the email address:

**Email Address to Send Application:**

Candidates who are interested in applying for the positions should use this email address to submit their applications. It's important to ensure that all required documents, information, and any specified subject lines or formats are followed as per the instructions provided in the official job announcement or notification.

Closing Date:-
Here's a description of the date:

**Closing Date to Send Copy of Application Form: 09-09-2023**

This date signifies the deadline by which candidates need to submit their application forms for the positions mentioned. The closing date is set as September 9, 2023. It indicates the last day on which the organization will accept application submissions.

Candidates interested in applying for these positions must ensure that their application materials, including all required documents and forms, are submitted on or before the specified closing date. Submitting the application before the deadline is crucial to ensure that the application is considered for further review and evaluation.

Official Website:-
Here's a description of the official website:

**Official Website:**

1. **Company Overview:** The website provides an overview of Oil India Limited, its mission, vision, and core values. It might also include information about the company's history, milestones, and achievements.

2. **Latest News and Announcements:** Visitors can access news updates, press releases, and official announcements related to the company's activities, initiatives, and achievements.

3. **Recruitment Information:** The website likely features a dedicated section for job opportunities, where interested candidates can find details about current job openings, recruitment procedures, application forms, eligibility criteria, and important dates. This is where candidates can learn about the specific positions mentioned earlier and apply for them.

4. **Corporate Governance:** Information about the company's governance structure, board of directors, and corporate policies might be available on the website.

5. **Projects and Operations:** The website might offer insights into Oil India Limited's ongoing and past projects, including exploration, drilling, production, and environmental initiatives.

6. **Investor Relations:** Information related to financial reports, annual reports, shareholder information, and other investor-related details might be provided.

7. **Contact Information:** The website typically includes contact details, including addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, that individuals can use to get in touch with the company for inquiries or clarifications.

8. **Tenders and Contracts:** Information about tenders, contracts, and procurement processes might be available for individuals or companies interested in working with Oil India Limited.

9. **Environmental and Social Responsibility:** Details about the company's commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility efforts might be outlined on the website.

10. **Career Opportunities:** Apart from the specific recruitment section, the website might offer insights into career growth, training, and development opportunities within the company.


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