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Integrated Child Development Department (ICDD) is a government organization responsible for promoting the well-being and development of children in a particular region or jurisdiction. The ICDD plays a crucial role in implementing various programs and schemes aimed at ensuring the overall growth, health, and education of children.

Recruitment in the ICDD typically refers to the process of hiring individuals to fill various positions within the department. These positions can include administrative roles, program managers, field coordinators, social workers, educators, healthcare professionals, and other relevant positions.

The recruitment process for the ICDD usually involves the following steps:

1. Job Announcement: The department releases an official job announcement specifying the available positions, qualifications required, and application procedures. This announcement may be advertised through various channels, such as newspapers, official websites, job portals, and local community centers.

2. Application Submission: Interested candidates are required to submit their applications along with the necessary documents, such as a resume or curriculum vitae, educational certificates, identity proof, and any other documents requested in the job announcement. The application submission is often done online or through traditional methods, such as postal mail or in-person submission at designated offices.

3. Screening and Shortlisting: The received applications are thoroughly reviewed by the recruitment committee or panel to assess the candidates' qualifications and suitability for the positions. Based on the screening process, a shortlist of eligible candidates is prepared for further evaluation.

4. Written Examination or Interview: The shortlisted candidates may be required to appear for a written examination to test their knowledge, skills, and aptitude relevant to the ICDD's work. Alternatively, they may be directly called for an interview, where a panel assesses their qualifications, experience, and suitability for the position.

5. Evaluation and Selection: The performance of candidates in the written examination or interview is evaluated, and a final selection is made based on merit. The selected candidates are then notified of their selection and may be required to undergo additional processes, such as document verification and medical examinations.

6. Appointment and Training: Once the selection process is complete, the selected candidates are appointed to their respective positions within the ICDD. They are provided with the necessary training and orientation to familiarize them with the department's policies, procedures, and programs.

ICDD or the government body overseeing its operations. Therefore, it is advisable for candidates to carefully review the official job announcement and follow the instructions provided during the recruitment process.

Application Process:-

An offline application process typically refers to a method of submitting job applications or other forms without the use of an online platform. It involves physical submission of application materials rather than utilizing electronic means.

The offline application process can vary depending on the organization or department involved. Here is a general outline of the steps typically involved:

1. Obtaining the Application Form: Candidates interested in applying for a position are required to obtain the application form. This can be done by visiting the office or location where the applications are distributed. It may also be available for download from the organization's website.

2. Completing the Application Form: Once the application form is obtained, candidates need to fill it out accurately and completely. The form usually requires personal information, educational background, work experience, skills, and any additional information deemed necessary for the application.

3. Gathering Supporting Documents: Along with the completed application form, applicants are usually required to submit supporting documents. These may include a resume or curriculum vitae (CV), copies of educational certificates, employment certificates, recommendation letters, and any other documents specified in the application form or job advertisement.

4. Assembling the Application Package: Once the application form and supporting documents are prepared, they need to be compiled into an application package. This typically involves organizing the documents in the required order and ensuring that everything is securely attached or placed in an envelope or folder.

5. Submitting the Application: In an offline application process, candidates are usually required to physically submit their application package to the designated office or address. This could involve hand-delivering the package to the organization's premises or sending it through mail or courier services. The application should be submitted before the specified deadline.

6. Acknowledgment and Confirmation: After the application is submitted, the organization or department will acknowledge receipt of the application. This could be in the form of an acknowledgment slip or email. It is essential to keep a record of the submission for future reference.

7. Evaluation and Selection: The organization will review the submitted applications and assess the qualifications, skills, and experience of the candidates. The evaluation process may include shortlisting applicants for further stages such as written tests, interviews, or any other selection methods specified in the job advertisement.

8. Communication and Follow-up: Candidates who progress through the selection process will be notified by the organization regarding the next steps. This could include scheduling interviews or requesting additional information. It is important for applicants to remain responsive and promptly respond to any communication from the organization.

It is important to carefully follow the instructions provided by the organization and ensure that all required documents are included in the application package.

Vacancy Details:-

ICDS (Integrated Child Development Services) is a government program in India aimed at providing essential services to children and mothers, focusing on nutrition, healthcare, and early childhood development. When referring to "ICDS Vacancy Details," it typically means the available job positions within the ICDS program. In this case, the specific vacancy detail is as follows:

1. Anganwadi Helper - 141 positions:

The ICDS has 141 vacant positions for the role of Anganwadi Helper. Anganwadi Helpers are an integral part of the ICDS program, working alongside Anganwadi Workers to support the delivery of various services to children and mothers within the community.

The responsibilities of an Anganwadi Helper may include:

- Assisting in the implementation of the ICDS program activities at the Anganwadi center.

- Supporting the Anganwadi Worker in providing basic healthcare services, immunizations, and health check-ups for children and mothers.

- Assisting in organizing and conducting nutrition and health education sessions.

- Helping with the distribution of supplementary nutrition and monitoring its usage.

- Assisting in the management and maintenance of records and registers related to ICDS activities.

- Engaging with the community to raise awareness about the importance of child development and maternal health.

ICDS, interested individuals would need to follow the application process specified by the Integrated Child Development Services department. This could involve obtaining the application form, filling it out with the required information, and submitting it along with the necessary documents through the designated offline submission method.

Therefore, it's advisable to refer to the official ICDS recruitment notifications or contact the relevant ICDS authorities for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the Anganwadi Helper vacancies.

Qualification Details:-

academic records at the 12th grade level. The specific requirements are as follows:

1. Educational Qualification: Candidates must have successfully completed their 12th grade or its equivalent from a well-recognized board, university, or institute.

2. Academic Records: The qualification details emphasize that candidates should possess good academic records. This implies that candidates are expected to have achieved satisfactory grades or marks in their 12th grade examinations.

While the qualification details provided indicate that a 12th grade education is required, additional criteria such as subject specialization or minimum percentage/grade may apply for certain positions.

Candidates should carefully review the official job advertisement or notification for the specific job they are interested in to ascertain any additional requirements or qualifications that may be applicable. The notification will provide precise information regarding the desired educational qualifications, including any specific subjects or minimum percentage/grade criteria that candidates need to fulfill.

Meeting the educational qualification requirements is often a fundamental prerequisite for consideration in the recruitment process. However, other factors, such as relevant experience, skills, and performance in selection tests or interviews, may also be taken into account during the evaluation and final selection of candidates.

Age Criteria:-

The age criteria specified for a particular job opportunity require candidates to fall within a specific age range. In this case, the age requirement states that candidates should be between 18 to 35 years old. Here are some key points related to the age criteria:

1. Minimum Age: The minimum age requirement is set at 18 years. This means that candidates must have reached or surpassed their 18th birthday to be eligible for the job opportunity.

2. Maximum Age: The maximum age limit is set at 35 years. Candidates should not have exceeded 35 years of age at the time of application or as specified in the job advertisement.

3. Age Calculation: The age is typically calculated based on the candidate's date of birth. The specified age range of 18 to 35 years ensures that applicants fall within a specific age group deemed suitable for the job position.

4. Age Relaxation: It's important to note that certain categories of candidates, such as those belonging to reserved categories (e.g., SC/ST/OBC), ex-servicemen, or persons with disabilities, may be eligible for age relaxation as per government rules and regulations. The relaxation in the upper age limit varies based on the specific category and applicable guidelines.

5. Age Verification: During the application process, candidates are usually required to provide proof of their age, such as a birth certificate, school leaving certificate, or any other officially recognized document that validates their date of birth.

 Any deviation from the age requirements may result in disqualification from the selection process.

 Job seekers are advised to refer to the official job advertisement or notification released by the hiring organization for precise and up-to-date age criteria for the job opportunity.


After appointment, the organization will provide a monthly salary of Rs. 5500/- to the selected candidates. 

1. Monthly Salary: The salary mentioned is on a monthly basis, indicating the amount that the organization will pay to the employees every month. In this case, the selected candidates will receive Rs. 5500/- as their monthly salary.

2. Currency: The salary is denominated in Indian Rupees (Rs.), which is the official currency of India.

3. Payment Frequency: The salary is typically paid on a monthly basis, which means that employees will receive their salary once every month. The exact payment date may vary depending on the organization's payroll schedule.

4. Gross Salary: The salary mentioned is the gross salary, which is the total amount paid to the employee before any deductions such as taxes, insurance premiums, or other applicable deductions.

It's important to note that salary information provided here is based on the information given. Actual salary figures may vary depending on factors such as the organization, position, location, experience level, and any applicable laws or regulations. Candidates are advised to refer to the official job advertisement or notification to obtain accurate and up-to-date salary details for the specific position they are applying for.

Postal Address :-

Here's the description of the postal address:

Name: Child Development Project Officer

District: Nanded

Address: Nava Mondha, Nanded

To apply for the specified position, candidates need to send their application and relevant documents to the mentioned postal address. The address is typically the office location of the Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) in the Nanded district.

Applicants should ensure that they correctly address the envelope containing their application materials to the Child Development Project Officer. It's essential to follow the instructions provided in the official job advertisement or notification regarding the application submission process and any additional documents that may be required.

Important Date:

The significant date mentioned is the last date for submitting the filled-in application, which is 10-07-2023. Here's a description of the date:

Last Date to Submit Filled-In Application: 10-07-2023

The last date mentioned is the deadline set by the organization for applicants to submit their completed application forms. It indicates the final day by which the application package must be received by the organization to be considered for further evaluation in the recruitment process.

It's important for candidates to carefully note and adhere to this date to ensure that their applications are considered. Missing the deadline may result in the application being rejected or not considered for the position.

Candidates should take into account any postal or delivery time required to send their application to the specified address. It's advisable to submit the application well in advance of the deadline to account for any unforeseen delays or complications that may arise during the delivery process.

Applicants should refer to the official job advertisement or notification for accurate and up-to-date information regarding the significant date and any other important dates related to the recruitment process.

official website :-

The official website mentioned is www.nanded.gov.in. Here's a description of the official website:

Official Website: www.nanded.gov.in

The website www.nanded.gov.in is the official website of the Nanded district. The website serves as an online platform for accessing information, updates, and resources related to various departments, services, and initiatives within the district.

By visiting the official website, users can expect to find the following features and information:

1. Department Information: The website provides details about different departments operating within the Nanded district. This may include departments related to administration, education, health, infrastructure, welfare, and more.

2. Notifications and Announcements: Users can access official notifications, announcements, and circulars issued by the district administration or relevant authorities. This includes information related to job vacancies, recruitment processes, and other important updates.

3. Services and Forms: The website may offer online services and downloadable forms for various government processes. Users can access and download forms related to different services offered by the district administration, such as birth certificates, caste certificates, land records, etc.

4. Contact Information: The official website typically provides contact details, including phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses, for different offices and departments within the Nanded district. This allows users to reach out to the appropriate authorities for queries, assistance, or feedback.

5. News and Events: The website may feature news articles, press releases, and updates on events happening within the district. This keeps users informed about the latest happenings, initiatives, and achievements of the district administration.

 Users should visit www.nanded.gov.in to explore the specific features, services, and information provided by the official website of the Nanded district.

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Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) along with their corresponding answers:

Q: What is the application process for the Integrated Child Development Department recruitment?

A: The application process for the Integrated Child Development Department recruitment is offline. Applicants need to obtain the application form, fill it out with the required information, gather the necessary supporting documents, and submit the completed application package to the designated address mentioned in the job advertisement.

Q: What are the qualification requirements for the ICDS vacancies?

A: The qualification requirement for ICDS vacancies is typically a minimum of 12th grade education with good academic records from a recognized board, university, or institute. However, specific qualification criteria may vary depending on the position and the organization's guidelines.

Q: What is the age criteria for the ICDS recruitment?

A: The age criteria for ICDS recruitment is generally between 18 to 35 years. However, it's important to refer to the official job advertisement or notification for accurate and updated age criteria as well as any applicable age relaxation provisions.

Q: What is the salary offered for the ICDS positions?

A: The salary offered for ICDS positions is Rs. 5500/- per month. However, salary amounts may vary depending on the specific position, organization, and other factors. It is recommended to refer to the official job advertisement or notification for precise salary details.

Q: What is the last date to submit the filled-in application for ICDS vacancies?

A: The last date to submit the filled-in application for ICDS vacancies is mentioned as 10-07-2023. It's important to submit the application before this deadline to be considered for further evaluation.

Q: Where can I find more information about the ICDS recruitment?

A: For more information about the ICDS recruitment, including detailed eligibility criteria, application process, and other relevant details, it is advisable to refer to the official job advertisement or visit the Integrated Child Development Department's official website.


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